GapKit and GapKit GCSE Exercises (Camsoft)

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GapKit will run under most Windows operating systems up to and including Windows XP. It will not run under Windows Vista or Windows 7.

GapKit is an easy-to-use package designed for creating multimedia gap-filling and multiple-choice exercises. GapKit runs under any version of Windows, so the whole package is mouse-driven, cutting out the necessity of typing brackets and other meaningless symbols in order to mark up the exercises. With GapKit you can add pictures and sound to your exercises, making them much more interesting and offering the possibility of developing listening comprehension exercises.

Download a demo

A demo of Version 2.0 of GapKit can be downloaded by clicking here: Just unzip the downloaded file and then install GapKit on to your hard disk using the install.exe facility that is provided in the demo version. This will set up the GapKit demo and install the relevant icons. The program is fully functional, but a window will pop up occasionally reminding you that you are using a demo. If you like the demo and wish to buy the program we can email a special file to you that will "unlock" the demo and transform it into your personal copy. We can invoice educational institutions providing you follow your school's or college's official ordering procedure. For an independent review of GapKit, click here: ReCALL Newsletter, October 1997.

Download the GapKit handbook

If you are a registered user of GapKit and have mislaid your handbook, or if you have downloaded the demo and want further information on using GapKit, click here to download the handbook in Word format: GKHandbook.doc


New Special Offer! GapKit site licence at only £50 if you buy at least one of the GapKit GCSE Exercises sets. See below.

Home userss

Educational users
1-5 user licence £50.00
6-10 user licence £90.00
11-15 user licence £120.00
16-20 user licence £150.00
Unlimited site licence £200.00
Student licence £10.00

Note: The unlimited site licence allows the licensee to install Gapkit on any number of machines in educational institution as well as on staff's personal computers at home while they remain in the employ of the institution.

Individual student licences for home use can be purchased at £10.00 each, providing the student is registered at an educational institution that has purchased an unlimited site licence. The student version of the program does not include the GapKit authoring facility, but the student can read any files created with it.

30% discount for registered Version 1.0 users of GapKit.

GapKit GCSE Exercises

In collaboration with the AQA Examination Board, a set of GapKit GCSE Exercises have been written by Richard Hamilton, Head of Modern Languages at Cox Green School, Maidenhead, and have been extensively trialled at Cox Green where a dedicated languages ICT suite opened in 1993. In 1999 the school won a CILT European Quality Award for the use of ICT and modern languages and has been commended in three OFSTED inspections for this. See the Cox Green Case Study in Module 3.1 at the ICT for Language Teachers website:

GapKit GCSE Exercises have been developed from identical Fun with Texts textfiles, which are also available from Camsoft. The soundfiles linked to the gaps in the texts have been recorded by native / bilingual speakers and professionally transferred to CD-ROM to ensure high quality sound. The soundfiles are always whole phrases or sentences, the aim being for students to pick out the missing word in its context.

Note: Fun with Texts Version 4.0 is now available and offers facilities for enhancing the existing exercises with pictures, sound and video:

GapKit GCSE Exercises are available in French, German and Spanish and give extensive coverage of the vocabulary and structures needed for GCSE as defined in the AQA syllabus. In practical terms this also makes them suitable for any GCSE syllabus, since there are many common elements. The exercises consist of some 2000 phrases divided into the many sections defined by the AQA syllabus. We have found these phrases exercises (and their Fun with Texts equivalents) to be within the capabilities of Year 8 pupils. To add differentiation, the exercises are rendered in two versions: bilingual and monolingual. Students typically work through a bilingual exercise before tackling its corresponding monolingual version. The GapKit GCSE Exercises CD-ROM also comes with a printed teacher-friendly guide.

Disk space required: French and Spanish require 130MB each, German 260MB.

A copy of Camsoft’s authoring package GapKit is required to read the GapKit GCSE Exercises.

We are currently offering GapKit at the bargain price of £50 for an unlimited site licence if you buy at least one of the GapKit GCSE Exercises sets.

Available in French, German and Spanish. Please specify language when ordering.

£35.00 per language - or buy all three languages at £80!

You may use the textfiles on the number of computers as specified in your GapKit licence.