French Grammar Package

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CLEF is a comprehensive French grammar revision package which was originally developed by language teachers in a consortium of Canadian universities. CLEF is an oldie but goodie, well-known for its clever feedback routines that give the learner discrete advice on his/her mistakes - a rarity nowadays, as most CALL programs incorporate nothing more than slick presentations followed by a few point-and-click-let's-move-on-quick exercises.

CLEF will run under most Windows operating systems up to and including Windows XP. It will not run under Windows Vista or Windows 7.

CLEF covers a wide range of French grammar, from forms of the article to the use of the subjunctive. Itís a huge package covering the following grammar topics, each containing 3-4 sets of exercises:

Lesson 1: The definite article

Lesson 32: Partir, sortir, dormir, sentir and servir

Lesson 2: Subject pronouns

Lesson 33: Passé composé des verbes conjugués avec être

Lesson 3: -er verbs

Lesson 34: Les pronoms objets directs

Lesson 4: The imperative of -er verbs

Lesson 35: Savoir and connaître

Lesson 5: The interrogative

Lesson 36: Les pronoms objets indirects

Lesson 6: The indefinite article

Lesson 37: Mettre, remettre, permettre and promettre

Lesson 7: The negative

Lesson 38: Verbs that take certain prepositions

Lesson 8: Etre

Lesson 39: The pronouns y and en

Lesson 9: -re verbs

Lesson 40: Devoir and recevoir

Lesson 10: The agreement of adjectives

Lesson 41: Interrogative pronouns

Lesson 11: The position of adjectives

Lesson 42: Voir, croire and boire

Lesson 12: -ir verbs

Lesson 43: Relative pronouns

Lesson 13: Avoir

Lesson 44: Regular and irregular adverbs

Lesson 14: Avoir and être

Lesson 45: Reflexive verbs

Lesson 15: Contractions with à and de

Lesson 46: The negatives

Lesson 16: Numbers and dates

Lesson 47: Conduire, rire and courir

Lesson 17: The possessive construction

Lesson 48: The future

Lesson 18: Possessive adjectives

Lesson 49: Envoyer, acheter and other verbs with spelling peculiarities

Lesson 19: Aller

Lesson 50: Comparison of adverbs and adjectives

Lesson 20: Venir and tenir

Lesson 51: The imperfect tense

Lesson 21: Prepositions

Lesson 52: Venir de; depuis + present/imperfect

Lesson 22: Emphatic pronouns

Lesson 53: Souffrir, ouvrir, offrir and couvrir

Lesson 23: Faire

Lesson 54: The present conditional

Lesson 24: The partitive

Lesson 55: Naître and mourir

Lesson 25: Prendre, apprendre and comprendre

Lesson 56: Demonstrative pronouns

Lesson 26: Vouloir and pouvoir

Lesson 57: The present subjunctive: forms

Lesson 27: Interrogative and demonstrative adjectives

Lesson 58: The present subjunctive: uses

Lesson 28: Time

Lesson 59: Impersonal expressions including valoir and falloir

Lesson 29: Lire, écrire and dire

Lesson 60: The pluperfect and the past conditional

Lesson 30: Inversion in the interrogative

Lesson 61: The faire causative

Lesson 31: Passé composé

Lesson 62: The passive voice

Each CLEF exercise takes the same form:

Grammar review

The first part of each lesson is an optional review of the grammar point. The explanations are concise; no attempt has been made to provide the type of comprehensive coverage of rules and exceptions that would be found in many textbooks. Colour and animation are used to emphasise important features.


The exercise sections of the CLEF lessons comprise between three and five exercises. Students may choose to do any one or all of the exercises - and in any order. Before each exercise starts, the student is presented with new vocabulary occurring in the exercise. The student simply has to confirm if he/she knows the word or phrase. This section is then followed by an optional vocabulary test. In the grammar exercise that follows the vocabulary review the student is given two tries for each answer. If he/she does not succeed after the second try, a consoling message is given, and the answer appears on the screen. The same sentence will then reappear for another try at the end of the exercise, in a section titled Revision.

Online help is available in CLEF at all times on points of grammar or vocabulary.


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