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Updated 7 May 2012

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Our CD-ROM titles are listed under headings for different languages and grouped by publisher. If you click on a title you will taken to a Web page or section of this page that gives you further information. If you require further information use our Contact Form to email us.

Introduction and ordering information

This is our main catalogue, which is updated approximately once a month. We have contacts with numerous suppliers of CD-ROMs all over the world, and as a result we can offer a wide range of CD-ROMs at low prices. There are links to more detailed descriptions and/or screenshots. Just click on the blue underlined title of the CD-ROM for further information and prices.

If the software in which you are interested is not listed as being available for multiple-users please contact us for a quotation, but please note that not all software producers offer multiple-user licences. If you require a quotation or further information, email us via our Contact Form.

Other software titles can be obtained on special request by Camsoft from World of Reading, USA, which carries many more titles than we list here. Camsoft has a long-standing relationship with World of Reading. Browse the World of Reading website for further information: Bear in mind that the prices listed in US dollars by World of Reading will be higher in the UK, due to shipping costs and import duty. These additional costs apply regardless of whether you order direct from World of Reading or via Camsoft or other UK importers.


Complete listing of CD-ROMs marketed by Camsoft

Click on the blue underlined titles for further information and prices. We are are no longer registered for VAT, so VAT is not charged on the prices quoted.

CD-ROM Title



Authoring Programs

Fun with Texts 4.0 - our best-selling "total Cloze" authoring package Camsoft Multilingual: authorable
GapKit & GapKit GCSE Exercises - gap-filling authoring tool and ready-made materials Camsoft Multilingual: authorable

Utility for typing foreign characters

FrKeys - a useful tool for typing foreign characters Camsoft / Patrick Smears Multilingual: authorable




Talk Now! EuroTalk Cantonese
Talk More EuroTalk Cantonese
World Talk EuroTalk Cantonese
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Cantonese
Talk Now! EuroTalk Mandarin
Talk the Talk EuroTalk Mandarin
Talk Business EuroTalk Mandarin
Talk More EuroTalk Mandarin
World Talk EuroTalk Mandarin
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Mandarin
Wenlin Wenlin Institute Mandarin




Talk Now! EuroTalk Dutch
Talk the Talk EuroTalk Dutch
Talk Business EuroTalk Dutch
Talk More EuroTalk Dutch
World Talk EuroTalk Dutch
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Dutch


Talk Now! EuroTalk English: British or American
Talk the Talk EuroTalk English: British or American
Talk Business EuroTalk English: British or American
Talk More EuroTalk English: British or American
World Talk EuroTalk English: British or American
Movie Talk DVD EuroTalk English: British
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk English: British or American
GramEx English Grammar Exercises SCA English




AQA Textfiles for Fun with Texts Camsoft French
PowerPoint GCSE Vocab Presentations Camsoft French
CLEF French Grammar Package Camsoft/University of Guelph French
Talk Now! EuroTalk French
Talk the Talk EuroTalk French
Talk Business EuroTalk French
Talk More EuroTalk French
World Talk EuroTalk French
Movie Talk DVD EuroTalk French
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk French
GramEx French Grammar Exercises SCA French




AQA Textfiles for Fun with Texts Camsoft German
Talk Now! EuroTalk German
Talk More EuroTalk German
World Talk EuroTalk German
Movie Talk DVD EuroTalk German
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk German
GramEx German Grammar Exercises SCA German




Talk Now! EuroTalk Italian
Talk the Talk EuroTalk Italian
Talk Business EuroTalk Italian
Talk More EuroTalk Italian
World Talk EuroTalk Italian
Movie Talk DVD EuroTalk Italian
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Italian
GramEx Italian Grammar Exercises SCA Italian



Talk Now EuroTalk Japanese
Talk More EuroTalk Japanese
World Talk EuroTalk Japanese
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Japanese


Talk Now EuroTalk Russian
Talk More EuroTalk Russian
World Talk EuroTalk Russian
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Russian


Talk Now! EuroTalk Portuguese
Talk the Talk EuroTalk Portuguese
Talk Business EuroTalk Portuguese
Talk More EuroTalk Portuguese
World Talk EuroTalk Portuguese
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Portuguese




AQA Textfiles for Fun with Texts Camsoft Spanish
Talk Now EuroTalk Spanish

Movie Talk DVD



World Talk EuroTalk Spanish
GramEx Spanish Grammar Exercises SCA Spanish



Other languages

Talk Now! EuroTalk Ask for details
Talk the Talk EuroTalk Ask for details
Talk Business EuroTalk Ask for details
Talk More EuroTalk Ask for details
World Talk EuroTalk Ask for details
Vocabulary Builder EuroTalk Ask for details